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Our Lady of the Snows

Catholic Academy

Welcome Spring

Nursery is so excited to welcome the season of spring. We are learning all about the season. The children have taken down all their winter projects. They are working on their spring projects. We are painting spring trees and rain clouds. We will be making umbrellas from paper plates. The students are having so much fun learning all about spring.
Nursery is continuing to learn about the letters in the alphabet. We are currently working on the letter R. The students are learning about the letter R through various techniques. We use our smart board to work on ABC Mouse. ABC mouse provides us with great games to learn about the letter R.
We also decorated the letter R with marshmallows and fruit loops to create a rainbow. I am looking forward to learning about many more letters of the alphabet with the students.
Soon the students will be learning all about butterflies. They will be getting cocoons in the classroom. The nursery students will be watching the life cycle of a butterfly “first hand.” I am looking forward to sharing this wonderful experience with the children.