My Mother House Donation Request

Dear Parents:

At this time of year, as many of you know, we ask you to help needy children and families who are being cared for in facilities run by the Sisters of Saint Joseph.  The Sisters depend on the generosity of parishes, civic groups, and individuals like you to help them provide the necessities of everyday life for these people.

My Mother’s House/Hour Children (branches of Providence House) was opened in 1986 to provide a loving, supportive home for children whose mothers are incarcerated.  Their main goal is to keep children bonded to their mothers until they can be reunited.  Hour Children, Inc. provides a stable home for older children who previously lived in My Mother’s House and who are now working and attending college.  It also provides transitional housing for mothers reuniting with their children.

The twofold mission of these facilities is to keep mothers and children together and to free families for a while from concerns about food, shelter, and other necessities while they restructure their lives to become productive members of society.  We have listed below some of the items that are needed in these homes.  Each class has been assigned a different item, but please don’t feel you must hold to that particular item.  Anything you can bring in will be most appreciated.

Nursery/PreK – baby facecloths/wipes
K – baby towels
Grade 1 – baby bottle
Grade 2 – combs, brushes
Grade  3 – facial tissues
Grade 4 – hand lotion
Grade 5 – toothbrushes
Grade 6 – toothpaste
Grade 7 – shampoo
Grade  8 – soap

Disposable diapers (large), towels; sheets and blankets; clean, used baby furniture in good condition (cribs, playpens, etc.); and clean, used clothes for babies, young children (special need for spring and summer clothes and sandals for toddlers – 2T,3T,4T), and adults are also needed.

These items will be picked up on Wednesday, May 16, 2018.  The small items can be sent into school before then, but we would appreciate your waiting until Monday, May 14, to bring in large items because it is difficult for us to store them.

Thank you for your continuing generosity.  May God bless you all.=

Joseph Venticinque

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