A non-refundable fee is due upon registration as follows:

$275 Registration Fee for one child Nursery Full Day to 8th Grade / $100 each additional child

Nursery ½ DAY – $175 – for one child / $100 each additional child

Tuition Grades K – 8

Number of ChildrenCatholic TuitionNon-Catholic Tuition

Tuition Early Childhood

GradeOne Child Tuition2nd Child Tuition
Nursery Full Day$4650$4400
Nursery Half Day$3950$3500

Extended Care Rates

Number of ChildrenMorning Care (Starts at 7:15am)After Care (Ends at 6pm)
One$4 per day/$30 per monthRegistration Fee $30/$8 per hour
Two$8 per day/$45 per monthRegistration Fee $45/$11 per hour
Three$12 per day/$45 per monthRegistration Fee $55/$13 per hour

In addition to tuition, each family is responsible for a Parent Service Fee of $500. (Please see the Parent Service Commitment Form for more information regarding this fee.)


The yearly tuition fee is broken down into ten (10) monthly payments beginning June 1st. The monthly payment for your child(ren) can be determined by dividing your total tuition by ten. You will receive a billing statement in May with the monthly breakdown of your yearly tuition. Payments can be made by check, money order, or credit card (a processing fee will be assessed on all credit card payments). Cash will not be accepted. Each month you remit payment in an envelope with the child’s name and class. YOUR CHILD’S NAME AND GRADE MUST BE NOTED ON ALL CHECKS OR MONEY ORDERS. The cancelled check will be your receipt. Credit card payments can be made in person at the school office. (No credit card payments can be accepted over the phone.)

The First Tuition payment, due June 1, 2020, can be sent in with your child or made at the School Office. The Second Tuition payment is due the first day of school in September. The Third through Tenth Tuition payments are due the first of every month, October through May. If tuition is not received by the 15th of the month, a $25 late fee will be charged.

All tuition and fees must be paid in full by May 1, 2021.

Any Returned Check will have to be reissued by money order along with a bank fee of $25 (subject to change) whenever a check is returned to us for insufficient funds or any other reason. We do not redeposit these checks. After two checks have been returned by the bank, only money orders will be accepted for future payments.

A 3 percent discount will be given to each family who pays their tuition in full by June 26, 2020. This only applies to tuition not any other school fees, and the discount does not apply to tuition received after June 26th. There are no exceptions. If you will be away, you may send the payment in advance to the school address.

Financial Aid – There are various scholarships that are awarded each year. Information and guidelines for these scholarships will be made available to you as we receive them. We recommend that all families apply for the available scholarships. Please see the school office for more information.

$200 Referral Incentive – Our Lady of the Snows Catholic Academy is offering an incentive program to each family so they can invite family and friends to learn more about Our Lady of the Snows Catholic Academy. Please make sure that the prospective family mentions your family as the one that recommended them. If that new family registers and remains at Our Lady of the Snows Catholic Academy in good financial standing, you and the new family will receive a one time credit of $200 on the May 1, 2020 payment for the 2019-2020 school year. This credit is given only the first year the family attends Our Lady of the Snows Catholic Academy and is limited to one referral credit per family.

$200 Public School Incentive – Our Lady of the Snows Catholic Academy is offering an incentive program to all new families registering from public school. This credit is given only the first year the family attends Our Lady of the Snows Catholic Academy. The family must remain in good financial standing and will receive the one time $200 credit on their final tuition payment of their first year.

Registering your child is a full school year commitment. The ten payment plan is for your convenience and is not meant to suggest that payments correspond to a month by month enrollment. The cost of each child’s education is a full academic year’s expense. Withdrawing a child before the end of the school year does not materially decrease that expense, therefore no refunds will be given and the parent is still responsible for the tuition and fees for the entire school year.

Arrears – Failure to pay tuition in a timely manner jeopardizes the fiscal health and stability of the Academy. If circumstances arise that a tuition payment will be late, please notify the school office in writing. If an account is delinquent, report cards, transcripts, and diplomas will not be released until all financial responsibilities are met. (No personal checks will be accepted on past due accounts.) Current enrollment and re-registration may be affected by accounts that are severely overdue.