Welcome to Mr. Santamaria’s Technology Classes at Our Lady of the Snows

Grades PreK-4th visit the Lab once a week and Grades 5-8 visit the Lab twice a week

Additional Lab periods are scheduled for grades 1-5 throughout the week

Students must come to class each week prepared and have all passwords and usernames with them. If they are left at home, the student will not be working in class that period.

All work assigned in my classes will be done during the class periods each week. If work has to be done at home, the students will be notified and will be posted here as well for Grades PreK-4. For Grades 5-8, all information regarding Technology will be posted on Google Classroom.

Helpful class websites that can be used at home



Typing Program 4th Grade

Education Games website

Please contact me via email [email protected] with additional questions regarding my classes


Week of: 4/29/19


3rd Grade- If you did not finish your author research, you were given a new handout today in class. Please gather and write down information you did not get yet to type in class next week. We need to finish this project.


1st and 2nd Grade- Acrostic Poem Projects will be worked on this week