Happy Thanksgiving from Nursery!! Enjoy the holiday and your long weekend!
Happy November Birthday to Henry!

October is over! Here are some adorable Halloween pictures of Nursery to help us say goodbye to October 2019. The students had a wonderful time parading around the school in their costumes.
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Nursery helped to carve their very own pumpkin this week! After I carved a hole up on top of the pumpkin, the children reached in and removed all the pulp and seeds. They had a great time getting their hands dirty!

Nursery class had a wonderful time going pumpkin picking! The students were able to pick their very own pumpkin from the front of the Church. After they picked their pumpkin, we decorated it with stickers. Each child got to give their pumpkin a personality!

A Happy Birthday to our September birthdays: Samantha and Isabela. I would also like to thank their moms for coming in to read a special book to us on their special day! The children enjoyed your visit!

Welcome to a new school year!! The students are off to a great start! They are getting to know each other and learning all about how to be good friends. We are taking advantage of the beautiful weather by visiting our school playground on a daily basis. The children are enjoying their time outside. I look forward to a great year with nursery!!
Specials for Nursery are: Tuesday- Music
Wednesday- Library
Friday- Art and Gym

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE NURSERY CLASS OF 2019!! You did an amazing job at your celebration. We are so very proud of you. We all enjoyed your singing and are very impressed that you can all spell your names. Ms. Ana, Ms. Mary and I also enjoyed sharing breakfast with everyone and going to our neighborhood playground. Thank you to all the parents for their support throughout the school year!
Enjoy your Summer!!

A big thank you to Amanat’s dad and his fellow police officers. They came to school today and spoke to the children about stranger danger. They also allowed the children to sound the siren on the patrol car! The children had a blast!!

What an exciting morning!! We released our butterflies outside in front of the school. The children had a blast!!

I can hardly believe that the month of May is almost over! Nursery is enjoying their final days with their friends! We are enjoying the weather by going outside and playing in our school playground! The students really love their time outside!
During these final days we are also learning about the life cycle of a butterfly. Our caterpillars have turned into chrysalis. We can’t wait to see them become butterflies. The students eagerly watch them in their habitat every day!
Thank you for participating in Book Buddy. The children love story time in class. Remember to return your books every Friday, so that I can put new books in by Monday for the week. The completion of homework is also a coming along well. Homework prepares the children for Pre-K and reinforces what we are learning in school. Please remember to put your child’s name on their homework. We are learning how to write our names in school. Try to have your child print their own name on their homework.
Enjoy your four day weekend!!

A SPECIAL THANK YOU TO OUR MYSTERY READERS!! The children are enjoying all of the stories!!

Welcome to Nursery!! I am looking forward to a wonderful 2018/2019 school year with the children. In the months of September and October we will be getting to know each other and our classroom routines. We will also be spending time in our playground area. The children truly enjoy their time outside. Let’s hope we have good weather throughout Fall. Throughout the season of Fall we will begin to explore apples and pumpkins. I can’t wait to carve a jack-o-lantern and make apple prints with the children!

Welcome, paper words card hang by wooden peg

I hope everyone had a wonderful ending to the year 2018! As the school year progresses we are continuing to learn and have fun. During the second trimester we will be learning about the season of winter. The students will be making a snowman. Each snowball will have a letter in their name. The students will also be making winter hats and gloves. They will also make a snowflake to hang on our friendship tree in the hallway. Along with all the winter themed activities the students will continue to learn about the letters in the alphabet. We are currently learning about the letter “W” for winter. Our next letter will be the letter “M” for mittens. We also continue to learn about our numbers and shapes on a daily basis. The year 2019 is off to a great start for Nursery!