Welcome to OLS Art!

There are a lot of exciting and creative things happening in the art room this year so far! This is what each grade is currently working on:

Kindergarten students are designing their own Pop Art inspired ice cream cones.
The First Graders learned about artist Raoul Dufy, and are currently using oil pastels and tempera paints to create their own Dufy inspired masterpieces.
The Second Graders are creating a tree while using their knowledge of the seasons to incorporate aspects from each of the four seasons into that one tree.
The Third Graders are creating glue “drawings” of under sea creatures which will be colored in with chalk pastels.
The Fourth Graders learned about mosaic art and are using magazine paper to create a collage on the subject of their choice.
The Fifth Grade studied artist Claus Oldenberg and are currently working on a creative way to display cheeseburgers on their papers.
The Sixth Graders are learning about Op Artists and are working on creating their own optical illusion artwork.
The Seventh Grade is learning about the art of zentangles and using these techniques in their own projects.
The Eighth Graders studied typography and are working on creating their own illustrations using words.